(But His Jiu-Jitsu’s Not That Bad)

Great video of my amazing technique right? Except I’m the one getting put through the floor like I’m on a Journey to the Center of the Earth. How could you not want to be trained by the Master of Canvas Ass Painting?

Jiu Jitsu Lessons in Rockwall

There are moments in every man’s life when you just have to accept that someone is your daddy. Sometimes its the guy laying your ass out like PeeWee Herman just pissed off the Undertaker. Sometimes its the guy that buys a website dedicated purely to letting you know how much you suck.

Daddies come in many forms Kevin, but don’t worry, we’ll be back to teach you those all important life lessons you missed out on, right after we get back from the store with that pack of smokes.

The good news is that the trolling won’t last forever… maybe… but this video will. I don’t know if this was a professional match or your audition for the new WWE training dummy but either way, we can all appreciate your willingness to go Full Send.

Keep your chin up though big guy. There’s plenty more of these videos to come and one day, we miiiggghhtttttt give you credit for breaking that same guy’s arm in half in your next match.


Services and Lessons

Private JiuJitsu Lessons

Private Lessons

Need a dummy to beat on? I'm your guy. I've been taking beatins' since momma's been yellin. If you want one of the hardest headed sumbitches around, look no further than this ole redneck right here.

Kevin Getting Thrown

Frequent Flyer Club

The Wright brothers may have invented the first flying machine... but I perfected it. Wanna see a grown man get slammed? Just take a look at my highlights on FloGrappling. Only problem is, I'm the one eating canvas.

Kids JiuJitsu Classes

Kid's Classes

As you can clearly see in this picture, my children are the definition of discipline. Got a kid giving you a problem? I'll whoop dat ass and send em packin'! Ain't nuttin like a hillbilly beatin to set them youngins straight!

JiuJitsu Open Classes

Open Class Schedule

Somehow, I managed to convince some poor soul (*cough* Troy) to let me teach some classes. Not sure what they're learning other than to wake up and piss excellence, but Apex is where you'll find me two days a week.

Testimonials to My Being a Master of Getting Smashed

I Believe I Can Fly

R. Kelly ain't got shit on this fool. I thought Superman had done got slapped by Wonder Woman and was crashing down to Earth. Turns out it was just this dumb redneck trying to hit up a Fight 2 Win title. I can astutely ascertain, without a doubt, that this boy right here, can't wrestle.



No For Real... I Got Ups

I can honestly say I've never seen a white boy get that high. Only problem was that he was upside down.


I'm Like the Chuck Norris... of Getting Tossed

Daddy always said, if you're gonna do something, do it right. I'm not sure if getting tossed like a watermelon in a turnip truck was what this guy was shooting for but he damn sure gave it a good shot. It was like Angels was singin from the heavens right up to the point he hit the dirt like a pissed off bean bag.


You Can Fly Too!

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