Gallery Of Pain

I get that ass whooped… and I can prove it.


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I Believe I Can Fly

R. Kelly ain't got shit on this fool. I thought Superman had done got slapped by Wonder Woman and was crashing down to Earth. Turns out it was just this dumb redneck trying to hit up a Fight 2 Win title. I can astutely ascertain, without a doubt, that this boy right here, can't wrestle.



No For Real... I Got Ups

I can honestly say I've never seen a white boy get that high. Only problem was that he was upside down.


I'm Like the Chuck Norris... of Getting Tossed

Daddy always said, if you're gonna do something, do it right. I'm not sure if getting tossed like a watermelon in a turnip truck was what this guy was shooting for but he damn sure gave it a good shot. It was like Angels was singin from the heavens right up to the point he hit the dirt like a pissed off bean bag.


You Can Fly Too!

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